jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

Dr. Gerardo Ortigoza

El día de hoy estará con nosotros el Dr. Gerardo Ortigoza, de la Universidad Veracruzana.

Título: Some Computational Aspects of the Eigenvalue Calculation with Edge Elements.


In this work we investigate some computational aspects of the eigenvalue calculation with edge elements; those include: the importance of the grid generator, node-edge ordering and generalized eigensolvers. As the examples show, the sparse structure of the mass and stiffness matrices is highly influenced by the edge numbering of the different grid generators tested. Significant bandwidth reduction can be obtained by the proper combination of the edge numbering scheme with the grid generator method. Moreover, an ordering algorithm such as the Reverse Cuthill McKee can improve the bandwidth reduction which is necessary to reduce storage requirements. Thus, generalized eigensolvers that take advantages of the banded structure are highly desirable.

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